The Hague

Through a personal consultancy service, Shell partners are provided with information, advice, and guidance to help meet their career and development needs. C&D advisors can assist with the main steps.

In broad terms, we can help you develop a clearer picture of your career goals. "Who am I?" and "What do I want?"  We consider the concept of career in broad terms. No two persons’ needs are the same and you decide how you define success.

We help you to identify your options in the light of your skills and experience and also the opportunities and constraints available to you in the Netherlands. The options usually lie in the area of employment, self-employment, study, voluntary work or even ‘time out’ for family or oneself. We also encourage you to consider both the short and long term and how your plans fit with your partner’s career in Shell.

Our goal is to offer support, guidance and information as you journey to self-actualization and success.

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We treat all enquiries confidentially. No personal information is passed to Shell or any other party. We keep basic records in a secure computer database so that we can provide you with the service you require. We also retain electronic copies of correspondence and your CV.