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Shell International Mobility

Please check the International Mobility page on the Shell Wide Web (sww) which details contractual information relevant to your particular assignment status (i.e. Short-term International Assignment, Long-term International Assignment or Local Non-National):

This site, together with Expatriate Services and HR will help guide you through the processes to get you and your family settled in your new location:


Before departure, it is advisable to get the documents required for your residence registration: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, non-marriage/single status certificates, death certificate, and adoption papers. These documents need to be certified by means of an apostille* or double legalization**.  However, the following countries do not require apostilles: Aruba, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, The Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. Documents issued in the United States must have an apostille, whereas double legalization is required of Canadian citizens. These documents must be written in Dutch, French, English or German. If they are in any other language, you will need to get them translated by a sworn translator.

* Apostille: statement on a separate sheet of paper affixed to the original and signed and dated by the Ministry of Justice or of Foreign Affairs in the country of the document’s origin.

** Double legalization: the signature on a document is first legalized by the Ministry of Justice or of Foreign Affairs in the native country. Subsequently, the Dutch Ministry of Justice or of Foreign Affairs must authenticate the signatures on the document verifying the issuing authority in the native country.

Visa / MVV information

Please check the immigration website for detailed information on visa requirements or MVV: